About California Country Club Homes Association

Until about April 1951, the California Country Club was a beautiful golf course and club, comprising approximately 100 acres nestled in the midst of a fine residential community known as Cheviot Hills. At that time the club was purchased and subdivided into 407 lots for single-family homes. As part of the subdividing, a property owners association (California Country Club Homes Association, or CCCHA) was created for the purpose of maintaining restrictions and building standards for high quality construction. This has resulted in a community of fine homes in a quiet and secluded atmosphere.

Membership in this Association is automatic and comes with ownership of each lot. This allows you as a homeowner to participate, through the board of the Association and our various committees, to support our efforts to keep our community safe, beautiful and compliant with the CC&Rs established by the original declaration of restrictions in 1951. Modest homeowners dues for membership in the CCCHA are collected annually.

Since 1951, the Association’s mission has greatly expanded to include efforts to reduce commuter traffic through our neighborhood and enhance safety in our community, increase security, fight aircraft noise and pollution, erect custom neighborhood signs and beautify the area. The CCCHA Mission Statement is: “To sustain a safe, friendly, appealing and environmentally responsible neighborhood that enhances long term property values and enforces our property restrictions.”

The Board of Directors is comprised of up to 17 homeowners in the CCCHA. The Association is represented on the Westside Neighborhood Council, which was mandated by the 1999 city charter revisions, the goal of which was to give citizens greater access to City Hall and a more effective voice in City affairs. The CCCHA also participates in FOWLA, the Friends of West LA, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting West L.A. schools, parks, libraries, police and firefighters. CCCHA is located within LA City Council District 5, currently represented by Councilman Paul Koretz, and is part of a coalition of other HOAs within CD5 that work together on issues of common concern.

Since the establishment of the CCCHA, the desire to know and interact with our neighbors has grown. Over the years we have established regular annual meetings, typically in late spring, where members of the Association participate in voting for the Association board for the next year. The annual meeting is held locally, either at the Griffin Club (the former Beverly Hills Country Club) on the corner of Motor and Manning, or at Vista del Mar, one block away on Motor. There is usually a meet and greet reception before the formal meeting, at which matters of concern to our community are presented along with a “state of the Association.” Typically, representatives from various city and county agencies will be invited to speak on these matters of concern.

Each Fall the Association hosts a block party that is held on Cheviot Drive between Cavendish and Earlmar. It is for everyone, young, old, and all of us in between. There are food and drinks, bounce houses for the kids, as well as a fire engine, arts & crafts, music, a rock climbing wall, and fun events, such as water balloon and watermelon eating contests.  This is a great time to meet your neighbors, your board members and visiting elected officials who can address your concerns and answer your questions. We also participate each Spring in Pick Pico, an annual fair supporting and featuring local vendors where you can eat great local food, buy local products, learn about your local government and non-profit organizations, and have lots of fun.

We invite you to become an active participant in our Association. In that way the Association can grow and become a more cohesive force in securing the things that we need and want for this wonderful community.