Architecture Committee

Enforces the CC&Rs to make sure our homes maintain the integrity of our community.
Committee Chair:  Allyson Saunders

Communications Committee

Communicating to our fellow homeowners on vital issues that arise in our community is important, whether it’s through email, our website, newsletters and fliers.
Committee Chair: Derek Barton

Safety Committee

Issues of safety in our community are important. Our goal is to help protect our neighborhood.
Committee Chair: Tamir Nadborny

Traffic Committee

We try to keep updated on projects that affect our neighborhood like the Light Rail Expansion, Century City developments, traffic calming, etc.
Committee Chair:  Jane Wishon

Legal Committee

During the course of the year, the CCCHA deals with legal matters that pertain to our community.
Committee Chair:  Mike Quinn

Green Committee

In this age of solar power and clean energy we try to keep up to date and on the cutting edge of these technologies.
Committee Chair: Alexis Dumortier

Block Party Committee

This is our once a year family event usually held in September or October. We have food, drinks, arts & crafts, music, two bounce houses, rock climbing wall, water balloon and watermelon eating contest with prizes. A fun time for the whole family and a time to get to know your neighbors.
Committee Chair: Derek Barton