Dear Stakeholder,

On Friday, March 17, 2017 the following Neighborhood Conservation Initiatives went into effect (the CCCHA is in Inner Council District 5):

  1. Baseline Mansionization/Baseline Hillside Ordinance Code Amendment (CF 14-0656) that modifies Single-Family Zones (RA, RE, RS, R1) and Single-Family Zone Hillside Area Regulations,
  2. R1 Variation Zones and Rear Detached Garage Supplemental Use District (SUD) Code  Amendment (CF 16-1460) that adds more tailored subsets of the R1 Zone and a Rear Detached Garage SUD to the Code, and
  3. Neighborhood Conservation Zone Changes (CF 16-1470) that applies the R1 Variation Zones and/or Rear Detached Garage SUD to a number of single-family neighborhoods.

Please click the links below for copies of the Ordinances, including the maps related to neighborhoods that have been re-zoned to an R1 Variation Zone and/or Rear Detached Garage Supplemental Use District.

Thank you.