As you know, Councilmember Jack Weiss’ Pico/Olympic One-Way Task Force
has been evaluating the proposal by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky to convert Pico and Olympic to one-way streets. After two meetings with
 transportation experts, participants have raised many interesting and
 insightful questions.
Although some questions remain unanswered, the dialogue and discussion of traffic and transportation issues on the Westside have been useful
and productive. For example, City Department of Transportation (DOT) experts have examined the left turn prohibition and other aspects of the proposal and have concluded that they are unlikely to work as they have been presented in Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s consultant’s study.To keep the City Council informed, the Council’s Transportation 
 Committee has requested a Status Report from DOT the on their analysis
of Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s proposal. The Committee will have a
 discussion at their next meeting which will be held on Wednesday, July 25 at 2:00 PM in City Hall Room 1010.You are invited to attend this Committee meeting to share your views on
Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s proposal. Councilmember Weiss will attend the meeting, and he will present the Committee with feedback from the Task
 Force’s meetings.

If you are unable to attend but would like to submit comments, please
 complete the attached form (in PDF or Microsoft Word) and return it to Council District 5. All written comments from the Task Force and other
 stakeholders will be given to the Committee for inclusion in the public
 record. Please note that this is a status report on Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s proposal only.? It is not a final hearing or the end of discussion of traffic issues and alternatives on the Westside. In the coming months, DOT will be working to present some options to reduce congestion in the 
 area, taking into consideration the findings of Councilmember Jack Weiss’ Pico/Olympic One-Way Task Force and respecting the input of
 neighborhoods and stakeholders.

If you have questions, please contact Councilmember Weiss’ West Los Angeles office at (310) 289-0353. Denise Sample, Chief of Staff. Office of Councilmember Jack Weiss (213) 473-7005
 (213) 978-2250 Fax To learn more about Councilmember Jack Weiss and his district, visit