There are ways you can prevent burglaries happening to you in our community by understanding the perpetrators. Distraction burglars come into the area and prey on elderly victims, by befriending them, gaining their trust and then stealing from them. Usually, they are posing as a utility worker, a contractor or a person in distress. Immediately report suspicious persons in you area.

Secure your homes. Lock all doors and windows. Also, do not leave valuables in plain view inside your car. There are opportunists out there that are tempted by laptop computers, cameras, purses and other valuables lying on the seat.

Please contact our security patrol dispatch center for any suspicious persons in the area.

Here are a few safety tips:

  • Know who is at your door before opening it. Screen doors and chain locks provide false security.
  • Obtain identification. If they show you an ID for a service company (e.g., cable, phone, etc.) call their employer and verify who they are and why they are at your door.
  • Consider installing peepholes in all entryway doors.

The basic purpose of an alarm device is to deter an intruder from entering your residence or to alert law enforcement of an illegal entry and assist in the rapid apprehension of the suspect.

For more information on the CCCHA Safety Committee, please contact Ted Meisel.